Certificate of Proficiency

The owner/ person of a single boiler or two or more boilers connected in a battery or of many separate individual boilers situated within the radius of 50 meters having the total heating surface exceeding one thousand square meters in any of the case shall not use or permit to use the boilers unless he possess a certificate of proficiency as a Boiler Operation Engineer under Boiler Operation Engineers’ Rules 2011.

The Examination

This certificate is issued by the Boiler Department of a state after you pass the Examination conducted by them. For this a Board of Examiners, is formed by the Chief Inspector or Director of Boiler of a state. This Examination is known as BOE examination.

What we are providing

We are providing online Mock test for the professionals not only for better preparation before the exam,but also for the professionals who want to update with the modern question related to their work field.

Online Test:

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