Study material can be broad based to facilitate learning in a number of areas, or be resources that foster comprehension of literature, research topics, case studies, and other subjects.

Academic support centers in schools often develop study guides for their students, as do for-profit companies and individual students and professors.Internet brought about a new era of online sites with study material.

Some high school teachers or college professors may compose study guides for their students to assist them with reading comprehension, content knowledge, or preparation for an examination.With these vision we are here to assist our “Industrial-professionals” for the development of individuals and the organisation.

Our library comprises of general topics of Thermal Power Plants

1.Boiler Circulation

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26 Sep

Unit Convertion

                                    Different system of Units for measurement (MKS, CGS,FPS,SI) MKS-System: In this system, length is measured in Meter (M), mass is measured in Kilogram (K) and time is measured in Second (S) CGS-System: In this system, length is […]

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